JPACC is dedicated to developing innovative strategies and providing resources to assist parents, educators, counselors, and other practitioners in their conversations with youth on how to make responsible decisions regarding beverage alcohol and the dangers of underage drinking. By offering support and resources to parents, educators, and policymakers, we address underage drinking on all fronts.

(JPACC) collaborates with multiple parish agencies in monitoring the sale of alcohol to minors by conducting “checks” of establishments selling alcohol as a component of the coalition’s strategic plan to prevent youth alcohol use.  The chart below shows the failure rates of businesses by zip code.  A failure is when an establishment is willing to sell to a minor under the age of 21.  

JPACC Policy Statement:

JPACC fully supports the federal minimum drinking age law and has worked in the state to restrict access to alcohol for those under the age of 21. We support laws that prohibit possession, consumption, purchase and attempts to purchase alcohol among people under the minimum drinking age. We also support penalties and laws that punish adults who illegally provide alcohol to underage persons. We strongly support enforcement of underage drinking laws.