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Is MMJ legal in Louisiana?

Medical marijuana was not legal in Louisiana prior to the passage of SB143 and still isn't legal. Louisiana was one of the first states to attempt to make marijuana available  for therapeutic use by chemotherapy patients. This was later amended because a physician cannot prescribe a Schedule I drug (MJ is classified as a Schedule I drug.) SB143 does nothing to change this an conflicts not only with federal laws but Louisiana laws.

Is MMJ medicine?

In the United States the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for protecting us from unsafe and ineffective drugs. Several components of cannabis have been approved by the FDA as medicine, others are currently in clinical trials and more will be researched. However, crude and smokeable forms of marijuana are not considered medicine. What has been passed in other states allows people with certain diagnosed illnesses to possess various number of plants and or crude marijuana without being prosecuted. They are not prescribed medicine.

Are there any good options for the provision of marijuana for the treatment of cancer, glaucoma and spastic quardraplegia patients?

Promising components of cannabis can be made available to people diagnosed with cancer, glaucoma and spastic quadraplegia in a timely fashion.

What should parents know about MMJ?

What does the future hold for MMJ in Louisiana?