Coalition Building

Reviews the membership of the coalition and identifies and actively recruits individuals or organizations that should be added to the coalition.

Parenting Committee

Seeks to engage parents and parent groups to identify alcohol/drug abuse and other behavioral health concerns and develop strategies to support the effectiveness of parents. The main role of this committee is expanding evidence based parent training.


Responsible for seeking funding based on short-term goals and long-term objectives of JPACC.


Encourages and recruits employers to engage EAP services of local providers. JPACC will provide incentives to employers to establish an EAP. This is intended to fill some of the gaps in available behavioral health services, and address the whole family in regard to these issues.

Alcohol Compliance


Alcohol and Drug Policy

As the coalition identifies problems that require legislative action this committee puts together a strategy. This committee will also recruit decision makers and elected officials as needed to implement a successful solution.

Faith-Based Initiatives

Engages the Faith community to learn, assess and participate in community efforts to decrease alcohol and other drug abuse.

Suicide Prevention


Veterans & Military