SB271 Update

Below is an update we received regarding SB 271. It is a bill which changes current medical marijuana law from prescription to recommend and is opposed by Sheriff Normand and others.

Attached here you will find a copy of the vote.

Please let your Senators know your opinion about the bill.


From: "Dino Paternostro"
Date: Apr 19, 2016 3:58 PM
Subject: RE: Capitol Action TODAY in Senate - SB271 status
To: "Dino Paternostro"
Medical Marijuana Watchdog Coalition,
Late today SB271 by Mills was debated at length on the Senate Floor!  The spirited debate was led by Senator Mills for the proponents and Senator Martiny for the opponents (our guy), with several Senators speaking out on the bill from both sides (Long, Walsworth, Thompson tried to help) . Mid-way through Senator Claitor of Baton Rouge offered a good amendment to change the bill back to requiring a prescription.  Of course Mills objected, with the amendment failing 20-15.  At the close of the debate, the final vote was 19-16 in favor of the bill, but one vote short of the 20 votes required to pass a bill in the Senate. This is real progress in slowing down the bill, interjecting thoughtful policy concerns, and tightening the from last year when the Mills bill passed 22-13 in the Senate. Kudos to the team for a small and symbolic victory!
Next step, SB271 will be brought back for another vote, likely tomorrow afternoon.  We will thank the 16 Senators who voted against the bill today and empower them to stay strong tomorrow.   Also, we need to carefully review the 19 supporting votes to see if anyone can be turned, which is usually difficult to do.  If we can round up any other organized groups to join in the fight, it would help our numbers.  Assuming the bill eventually makes it out of the Senate, we will be in better shape for House action.
We may be the underdogs, but let’s keep up the pressure!  Dino
Dino Paternostro, MPH, CEcD
LegisLink, LLC