Higher Education Meeting

JPACC's Higher Education Work Group will be meeting Wednesday, September 17th, at 9:00 a.m., to continue the conversations held at the  LaHEC summit in Baton Rouge last month and the regional training workshop in June. The meeting is being held at the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office, 200 Derbigny Street, Gretna, in the Conference Room located on the 5th floor. Parking will be available in the covered garage on Derbigny: bring your parking ticket for validation.

This meeting will be for the work group to discuss and prioritize previously identified needs. Please bring your institution's or organization's resource list to the next meeting so we can start gathering information to create a Master Resource Manual for our local college students.

Review of Previous Meetings:

At these two sessions, the group prioritized 3 key issues that are affecting our students: Driving Under the Influence, Substance Abuse Problems, and Sexual Assault. Several needs were identified in order to address these issues. Participants agreed on the need for a comprehensive drug policy during the regional workshop and discussed the bi-annual review at the summit. Student Empowerment Trainings were discussed as an effective prevention tool, specifically Bystander Intervention campaigns on campus. All participants acknowledged the need for a community resource list for the campuses.

Law enforcement, the faith based community, emergency rooms and hospitals, and student affairs and government were identified as groups to be recruited for the task force.